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2015 may seem like a decent amount of time to complete the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. But in Ghana not much movement is actually taking place according to ICT expert and researcher Tanko Mohammed in a report for APC as part our West African digital migration seriesRead the report here.


Ce document donne un aperçu de l'état actuel d'avancement de latransition vers le numérique dans la radiodiffusion dans les 16 pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest où les événements ont été suivis au cours des dix-huit derniers mois.Cliquez pour voir le pdf 

 This Briefing Paper provides an overview of the current state of play of the digital transition inbroadcasting in the 16 countries of West Africa where developments have been monitored over the lasteighteen months. Click here to read the paper in full text (pdf)

 La migration numérique sera probablement l'un des plus grands bouleversements connus par la télévisionafricaine depuis son arrivée sur le continent. Ce processus touchera tant les diffuseurs eux-mêmes queles téléspectateurs.  

Cliquez pour voir le pdf

In Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Getting the most out of the transition Russel Southwood covers the challenges and the benefits of the transition, including indirect effects such as universal access to television and encouraging local content.Read more in this issue paper by APC and Balancing Act


Throwing the Switch: Challenges in the Conversion to Digital Broadcasting explores the consequences for democracy of the worldwide conversion from analog television broadcasting to digital.  

The report looks at whether the creation of multiple broadcast channels will provide more openness and diversity on the airwaves. Alternatively, could it result in governments clamping down on critical broadcasters or loss of service?