Is the digital migration standard the same across the world?

No. Different regions use different standards much as they do for analogue television transmission.

In Africa, two complications have emerged in terms of the choice of this standard. Firstly, having spent significant sums on a pilot implementation of DVB-T, the South African government decided that it would also look at the Brazilian standard, ISDB-T. The South African Government and regional association SADC have decided to implement DVB-T2, the second generation of this standard.

And here lies a second complication. Some countries that have already begun to roll out DVB-T (like Kenya) are contemplating introducing DVB-T2 instead. The advantage of DVB-T2 is that it is capable of transmitting a higher bit rate which is advantageous for HD broadcast transmission, although DVB-T is perfectly capable of transmitting HD. Currently the UK (Freeview HD), Italy (Europa 7 HD) and Sweden have deployed DVB-T2 alongside DVB-T.