Digital TV choice will ‘perpetuate white domination

Concerns are raised that the European standard will only serve to entrench existing manufacturers. “The electronic manufacturing industry is traditionally dominated by whites and foreign-owned companies, which do not have the development interests of the country at heart".

SADC’s signal of good sense

Duncan McLeod: A Southern African task team has recommended the adoption of the updated European standard for digital terrestrial television. Our politicians should waste no time in endorsing this and allowing SA broadcasters to get on with the job of migration.

Ghana rolls out national digital migration timetable

The timetable directs the setting up of a National Digital Migration Implementation body by the end of January 2011 and issuance of licence for digital television until the end of 2014

Civil society debates SABC protection against rival

Civil society and labour organisations are debating whether or not to protect the SABC from competition.

Media owners to assess openings in digital switch

Media owners meet to review opportunities and threats arising from Kenya’s shift to digital broadcasting from analogue. Digital migration is expected to increase the country’s broadcasting frequencies by more than tenfold allowing the government to license more operators.

China offers to help in digital migration

A Chinese media and technology company has offered to mobilise funds to help speed up the implementation of Zambia’s digital migration programme.