Uganda: Jacaranda Digital Broadcasting will invest US$2.5 million in digital transmission network

Balancing Act’s Russell Southwood speaks to Jacaranda Digital Broadcasting’s CEO Richard Lutwama about attracting African TV viewers to the new technology and the investment in a Uganda-wide digital transmission network.

With the digital transition coming, Africa needs a manifesto for change in its public broadcasting

The digital transition is not simply a technical changeover but an opportunity to provide better broadcasting for Africa’s citizens. Russell Southwood thinks the time has come to re-examine how public broadcasting works (or perhaps more accurately, doesn’t work) in Africa.

Nigeria: UK, FG Plan Cut in Broadband Pricing

United Kingdom's telecom watchdog, Ofcom, has unveiled proposals that it claims could mean better value broadband services for those in rural areas. 

Rwanda: Government welcomes shift to digital broadcasting

Kigali — The Director General in the Ministry of Information, Ignatius Kabagambe, has said that the government policy of shifting from analogue to digital broadcasting is of great importance to the country.

Will Africa meet the digital migration deadline?

Countries, especially in Africa, are grappling to catch up with the June 2015 deadline, but with some countries taking the lead and rising competition between service providers the process is picking up speed.

Rwanda: Citizens Should Embrace Digital Broadcasting Targets

The Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) has taken a decision to facilitate local investors to import and distribute digital TV sets.

Digital deadline drifting out of reach

SA is poised to miss its new deadline for switching off analogue television signal, as there are too many aspects that need tackling in the next two years before the new format broadcasting can become a reality.

SADC fosters DIgital TV migration

SADC says the realisation of the full benefits of the digital dividend spectrum can only be achieved with the active cooperation and support of SADC member states and all stakeholders, and if a common approach is adopted to spectrum planning and management.