Portugal: Digital TV Controversy

The process of implementing Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in Portugal, which has replaced the traditional television transmission signal since April 2012, has brought the population countless problems and

Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Getting the most out of the transition

In Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Getting the most out of the transition Russel Southwood covers the challenges and the benefits of the transition, including indirect effects such as universal access to television and encouraging local content.

CTO Conference to Examine Progress in Digital Migration in Africa

In addition to examining digital migration in Africa in general the conference will focus on three areas; Reporting challenges and maximizing opportunities for a successful transition, The role of Geosynchronous Satellites and Local content strategies

Government to renew all TV licences during digital migration period

“My understanding is that subject to the payment of appropriate fees all existing television networks will automatically have their licences renewed provided they demonstrate to the national regulator appropriate infrastructure and update technology that will drive the process”, says Minister for

Senegal: Switching from analogue to digital TV signal

With the transition from analogue to digital, Senegalese audiovisual media should be prepared to make more local content, the Senegalese Minister of Communication and Telecommunication, Moustapha Guirassy said in Daka.With the digital transition deadline set for June 2015 for the whole of Africa,